Mandrake Lamb Lined 2" BDSM Bondage Submissive Lockable Cuffs

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Bring a pop of color into the bedroom with the soft lamb lined Cuffs . Available in wrist or ankle cuffs, they are handmade from sturdy black latigo leather and nickel-plated hardware. Cuffs are ready to withstand any fantasy you can fathom yet are comfortable enough to be worn anywhere. They are lined with beautifully dyed lambskin that feels supple on your skin. With coordinating stitching on the outside, these comfortable cuffs bring a stylish edge to your wardrobe.

- Made by hand in the USA
- Includes 2 cuffs, 1 leather connector, 2 locks, and 2 keys
- Nickel plated hardware
- Super soft lamb skin interior lining
- Black Latigo leather exterior
- Wrist Cuff Size: 2” Width, fits 7” x 10”
- Ankle Cuff Size: 2” Width, fits 8” x 11”

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