Berlin Leather Faux Fur-Lined Bondage Cuffs 2-Inch

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Deviant Pleasures Await

Discover the freedom to feel your senses come alive while being bound by the high-end Berlin Leather Bondage Cuffs. These stylish faux fur-lined BDSM cuffs offer you maximum restraint combined with soft, lush comfort. The ultimate bondage accessory, these cuffs blend ultra-soft faux chinchilla fur with buttery smooth lambskin leather. Adding to the luxury is the Latigo leather stability layer and bonded nylon stitching. Adorned with high-quality, nickel-plated hardware, the Berlin bondage cuffs will shine during your playtime. Match these BDSM cuffs with a variety of other ODDO accessories—they pair perfectly with a range of collars, leads, and connectors to satisfy all your sensual pleasures.

  • Luxury leather & faux fur-lined bondage cuffs handmade in the USA
  • Includes 2 leather, faux fur lined cuffs and one leather connector
  • Constructed with ultra-soft garment leather exterior, a Latigo leather stability layer and lined with faux grey chinchilla fur
  • Adorned with stunning nickel-plated studs, hooks, buckles, and D-rings
  • Wrist Cuff Size: 2” Width, fits 6” x 10”
  • Ankle Cuff Size: 2” Width, fits 8” x 11”

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