Lena Suede Chain Lead

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If you’re ready to take your power play to the next level, this Bdsm gear-for women Leash will have your partner at your mercy. Sharply designed 30” chain with a handle sturdy enough for your wildest adventure. Essential Bdsm-Gear for any daring duo, the Bdsm Leash are perfect for a rough ride or causal role-play.

Special Edition version is purple suede with gold stitching and hardware.
Coordinating contrast stitching for rest of the colors.

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Matching Special Edition Athena Collection:

- Made by hand in the USA.
- 92T gold bonded nylon thread for special edition and coordinating contrast stitching for rest of the colors.
- Includes one Leash.
- Handle is made from black latigo leather and soft suede (top layer).
- Studs, chain and D-rings are nickel or gold plated.
- Product size: Handle 1” width. Lead: 30" length with handle.


Every leather product we craft is handmade from quality pieces, and may vary slightly in color.