SexPlus: The Oddo Leather Mission

Oddo Leather is committed to a SexPlus mission. But what does that really mean? We truly believe in offering products that support kinky lifestyles. Whether you’re a beginner or hardcore advanced, our artisan leather products are designed for enhancing your pleasure. Oddo Leather is committed to developing all-inclusive products that can be worn by anyone at any time.

Being SexPlus

More and more couples, these days, are engaging is what is deemed “alternative” sexual practices. However, there is still a stigma associated with kink. Embracing the SexPlus philosophy is simple. Give yourself permission to go beyond your boundaries and create pleasure wherever and whenever you like. Don’t ever worry about what other’s think.

Oddo Leather: A Unique Brand

Oddo Leather recognizes that there is not a cookie cutter approach to kink. That’s why we embrace all lifestyles, orientations, and genders—we want people to know there is nothing wrong in creating sexual pleasure. Our products are different from other brands. First, everything is made in the USA. Every piece does not leave the factory without being tested or checked for quality. Second, the SexPlus mission is for everyone. There are absolutely no limits when it comes being SexPlus.

Take the SexPlus Challenge

Adding kink to your sex life can be intimidating. We recognize that there is a lot of choices in terms of kinky wares. However, we encourage anyone who is trying kink for the first time to take things at your own pace. Instead of buying an entire collection, why not try a pair of brightly suede colored cuffs. A dash of color always helps in getting over the hump. Oddo Leather has a wide selection of cuffs available.