Whip it Good! A Beginner's Guide to Impact Play


In the world of BDSM, many newcomers are surprised to find out that there are so many different practices we partake. With BDSM being such an umbrella term, that’s to be expected. So, after covering bondage in our previous guide, it’s time to look at one of our favorites. The question for today is the following; what is impact play?

Simply put, the impact play kink is hitting or being hit consensually and safely for sexual arousal, as well as an overall inner exploration. From play-spanking to using a whip in bed, impact play is all about that. 

From the get-go, we must emphasize that every impact play BDSM activity should only happen after you’ve consented and communicated thoroughly with your partner about the dos and don’ts. In any other case, such scenes will cause harm to either partner.

You probably have a dozen more questions by now. That’s precisely what this guide is for. In the next few minutes, you’ll understand the basics of impact play, as well as the tools you’ll need to have and all the precautions you’ll need to take to keep every consensual.


What is Impact Play?

Impact play, at its core, is a BDSM practice where you strike or get hit for pleasure. Being a BDSM activity entails that there’s always consent between the participants for every single action. But, the main reason there’s such a fascination with it is simple: the Dom/sub dynamics.

During impact play, the dom is the one that hits the sub. This power dynamic, alongside the apparent sensory stimulation, provides an emotional release for both participants. The best thing about it is the fact that the power dynamics don’t have to be set by real life; an extremely dominant person in real life can often be a sub in their sex life.

This leads us to one of the big issues around impact play and BDSM. Most people think BDSM consists of taking advantage of and harming the sub. That’s very far from the truth. The art of impact play is all about exploring one’s inner sexual desires and showing immense respect and understanding to your partner’s need for inner exploration.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to get to the most crucial aspect of every BDSM activity.


Safety First, Spanking Second: Precautions for Risky Pleasures

The nature of the impact play kink can be very dangerous. After all, some of the toys used can cause some severe injuries, even when you’re extra careful with them. So, safety is the key whenever you partake in a scene.

But that’s not all; in fact, there are several other precautions you’ll need to take, which you can find in the checklist below:

  • Choose your toys wisely. Going straight to whips with no BDSM experience is a recipe for disaster. The same goes for the material you choose. Opt for some fur ones before you go for leather ones.

  • Health comes first. If you aren’t ready to do this mentally, you shouldn’t “just do it”. Also, if you’re suffering from an injury or some form of trauma, maybe impact play isn’t for you (yet).

  • Anatomy is key. Keep your hands (or toys) on the fleshier parts, like the butt, calves, or thighs. Avoid the head, stomach, lower back, and joints (knees, elbows, etc).

  • Communication and Aftercare. Use safe words or signals during the act for communication. And don’t forget all the required aftercare and cuddles afterward.

We think that you’re almost ready for your first scene. But let’s actually see some beginner-friendly techniques, including how to use a flogger.


Explore Impact Play Techniques

The Art of Flogging

Flogging, as the name suggests, is all about using a flogger. Before you get into the nitty-gritty, remember to practice on an object or yourself, to understand how much force you can inflict.

Floggers are simple; they’re just a handle and a few tails. And their name will be per the number of tails. They can be made from several materials, from fur to leather and even chains.

Flogging can be somewhat tricky for beginners. Remember to always aim the ends of the tails for the butt and be wary of the dangers. If you don’t control it, it can wrap around the sub, hitting them in the stomach or genitals.


The Spanking Sensation

Spanking is one of those practices that can be very “vanilla” and extremely exotic. From simple play-spanking to using all kinds of fun toys, the spanking sensation is running wild.

Just like flogging, spanking has to be done slowly. Start off gently, and then move up to more intense spanks. Also, the more stretched the butt is (think of the difference between the all-fours and diaper positions), the more intense each hit will feel.

But let’s stay at the basics. Using your palm is the best starter, with paddles being the main course and dessert. Once again, communication is vital, so have a safe word or a few signals to communicate throughout the entire scene.


Communication and Consent in Impact Play

We’ve already stressed this enough, but there are just so many misconceptions about impact play; it’s ridiculous. Before, during, and after every scene, you must communicate with your partner to understand what you liked and didn’t like. 

Still, we think that there are two main rules you must follow with impact play. The first one is to clearly state what you consent to and don’t consent to. The second one is cuddling and aftercare for any injuries. And, when it’s time to buy your first BDSM toys, go for the premium option.

At Oddo Leather, we believe that BDSM is the best way to fully express and explore yourself sexually. And there’s no better way to do that than by using our best premium leather gear sets.

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